Frequently Asked Questions

Does the program expire when it’s over?

No, it does not! Once purchased, the program is yours 🙂


Can these programs be purchased worldwide?



Is the nutritional guidance one size fits all?

In our Fitness programs you will receive a sample grocery list of suggested food items. In our Premium and Ultimate Programs, you will receive a tailored grocery list and nutritional guidance best suited for your individual lifestyle.


Do I need to belong to a gym?

Unless in a tailored program you receive a workout routine that does not require a gym, all programs require gym equipment.


How do the coaching sessions work?

In Fitness packages, all coaching advice is through exercise and movement video downloads. Premium packages include weekly check ins as well as email question and answer. In Ultimate packages, you receive the most hand on and video conference coaching and guidance necessary.



Of course! We understand life happens sometimes, whether it’s a vacation, family event, work, you name it…let us know how long you need to pause your program and we will pick back up with the remaining weeks. Once you are back and ready to resume the program, we will re-adjust to continue your progress.